Advertising Information

Note: This page is only for demonstration purposes only.

(ONLY for the purpose of advertisers wanting to know how the advertising campaign will work for you via this blog)


A typical advertisement will appear as follows. Your website link will be attached to the picture.


The page will appear in this blog under ‘find it’ with numerous ads, as such like this outlay below (the boxes ‘pic’- represent the width and height of each ad). The outlay representation below will cover the width of the page.


Each horizontal level will reduce in price, prices are still yet to be confirmed. For now, the spaces are available free for 3 months from date of listing.

The ads will be categorised via the horizontal menu bar under ‘find it’. You specify the category your ad would be best matched in. If you want a new category for your ad, you will need to speak with Aaron via

Only Business related ads will be accepted, no sexual/explicit/derogatory/harmful language/discriminatory/racial/extremist/drug ads accepted.

Aaron will personally try your product/service for FREE, in return for providing a FREE ad space for you. This will enable Aaron to make personal recommendations (FREE) for your product/service suitable to the content of the blog, advertise your product/service in email marketing letters (Joint commission venturing) and review your product/service for consumers to make informed decisions.

Ads will be FREE for 3 months from date of listing. One ad per business during 3 month Free trial period. Businesses must have a Business Number to register their ads.

To register your interest send Aaron an email via


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