Partnering in business



This is an important component of any business. The reputation, success and network capabilities of a partnership will all depend on the thoughts of possible benefits and strengths one can offer the other.

Partnerships are great! But, they have to work. It is like a chemical reaction, a relationship – a partnership doesn’t evolve over night, it takes time, patients and companionship to the other business.

Like any relationship there will be disagreements. Fact. But this shouldn’t shed light on the fact that partnerships can and should be welcomed in the world of business.

How can you go about offering your business for partnership?

You first need a partnership idea.

Most businesses local and national will need a little convincing; probabilities are that they don’t see the benefits. You may need to list these down and have them on cue when in conversation to reveal them.

In any conversation whether email, phone or person to person (it is always better to converse with someone-especially fellow businesses- person to person) you should begin by expressing your intentions for starting the conversation or getting in contact with them.

Below is a list of examples for communicating initially with your proposed potential partners: (1) phone call, (2) Person to person, (3) Email. Have a look through and get an idea of how to structure your conversation.


1. Phone Call

Speak to the manager of XYZ Company

“HI, My name is Aaron Mitchell the Marketing and Promotion Manager for ____name of business____. (If you don’t know who your talking to) If I may, can I ask who I’m talking to? ______remember name______. Well ______name_______ Its great to talk with you today. The reason for my call _____name ________ is to let you know that____ name of business____ are currently seeking a business partnership, one that can prosper and deliver profitable solutions with a share in capital. _____business name______ believes that an invested relationship with you would be fruitful and very successful- in short making both a large share in profits, Are you interested?

Or, if the business is nearby and you can go to talk with the manager one on one (person to person) then do so.

Please see next example for person to person conversation.


2. Person to person

Use the same information as the phone call, but restructure the proposal for person to person conversation

“Hi, My name is ___Aaron Mitchell______”. Shake hands- have a firm hand shake-not too strong and not too weak. Look into the person’s eye and say “pleasure to meet you”, with a smile.

“I work for ____name of business” (don’t say your the owner etc, just say work for)____

“We are currently on the search for an awesome business such as yours to partner with ____name of company___”.

“Is this something you would be interested in?”

Yes: great! I don’t want to take too much of your time. So, I’ll leave you with a pamphlet and business card outlining the benefits to you. I’ll call you in a couple of days time.

No: Really? You shouldn’t make a decision yet! Have a look through this pamphlet and make a decision…I’ll call you in a couple of days and see what you think.


3. Email

Be careful with email. It needs to be quick and short.

The email needs to appear that it is honest and worthy of a response.

Therefore you need to have some way of not selling straight though the email but rather informing the account holder of the email account of your product/service?

I suggest you get an email hosting account.

Within the actual email- make it attractive. A colorful background says a lot, and shows time and effort you have put into making your email look attractive. It shows a degree of professionalism too.

You could have sent a normal email and inquired if they would be interested but what does this do?

  1. It places you in the junk email box- this is somewhere you don’t want to be, because you’ll always end up going there.


How do I avoid the junk inbox folder of recipients?

How do I get email recipients?

How do I make my email look professional and attractive?

If I need help whom should I get to help with email marketing?

…Stay tuned for advice on the above.

In conclusion, make the initial conversation short, simple and self-explanatory. Don’t go into detail where it isn’t needed. The businesses you are approaching are very busy and because you’re talking to the CEO/ business manager you need to be quick to get a response.

No ‘ummms’, ‘ahhhhs’, deep breathing, ‘geeeees,’ or slurs. It makes you sound very unprofessional.


Practice your conversation with a friend or family member and ask them to respond in different ways (acting as the potential partner, CEO). You will feel more comfortable making the call and therefore more confident in your ability to handle any situations that may arise. Most importantly learn from your mistakes and get the response you want with your practice attempts before jumping into the deep end.


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