Marketing 101: The lead box



To implement a lead box in a store, follow this advice:

Approach the business owner in your local area. Have a look through the shop and or better still purchase something from them.

When and if they approach you, they may say “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?”, you respond with “yes”, ask them about the store, ask questions about how long have they been here for, how is business going, ask them about a particular product etc-just make conversation-make sure you are talking with the store manager, of course! Get to know them and vice versa let them know you are a friendly customer.

When timing is right (this will be hard to judge , some of you will get it straight away and have no troubles, others will faulter and lead the conversation astray- but don’t worry at the end of the day the manager has seen how lovely and how kind of a person you are) say this: “I really like your store and the products you offer” (you could make reference to some of them if you like and mention what you like-then lead on to…”you know what though, I believe your store could really benefit from a partnering venture….are you partnering with anyone at the moment? If they say “yes” comment “thats great!…If you don’t mind me asking…what businesses are you partnered with?” (remember them), ask them is there a possibility they are seeking other partnerships? If yes, Talk about your business, and say that “I am currently seeking a business to partner with, your business is perfect…would you be interested in partnering with me?”

If the business replies “no”-then this is your moment. Comment “Thats surprising, usually a business like this would be snapped up straight away”…pause…await a response….they should smile and blush…the store owner will feel ecstatic you have said this (conversation may start flowing about their need to partner with someone, they may mention they have been working really hard to partner with other businesses with no luck), this is the moment- you have to pick the right time. When you feel like the time is right: Talk about your business, and say that “I am currently seeking a business to partner with, your business is perfect…would you be interested in partnering with me?”

From here conversation could flow many ways. Be prepared for a rejection as much as for an interest from the owner.

If they reject ask why. It may be a flaw in their business set up, personal matter, they don’t feel it is the right time…either way-doesn’t matter the reason, mention “Not to worry, it was a pleasure to meet you, do you have a business card or anything like that, so we can stay in touch?”

It is important to stay in touch because, your reputation as a business owner is shaped by the networks that you make. The various businesses you approach could have some very valuable information to share with you and have insight into business operations that would take you months and even years to learn and experience. My advice- stay connected. It is invaluable to the success of your business- these business owners could in hindsight be your future business mentors. Make friends with them, share ideas and knowledge.

Use the above as a guide only, the script won’t work on all accounts but the structure can be applied. revise it if you need to, otherwise go with the flow. Remember the worst response you can get is a ‘no’. It wont be the end of the world, but at least you have tried. Any business that partners with others benefits an amazing amount. Its half the work- customers are shared and profits are made lifting half the load.


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